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7 tips for creating shared content on Instagram. Part of the magic of social media is the infinite possibility of sharing content with people from all over the world, and precisely because of this, many personal and corporate brands have become famous and successful. However, not all types of content uploaded to networks can be categorized as shared content, and the reason is that the demands of the public they share are quite high. Start creating shareable content by following these practical tips To achieve shareable content on social networks, it is first important to determine which social network you want to do so, because each platform has its specifications and qualities that make the content vary. Being specific will help you, therefore we will focus the following tips on the social network of the moment; instagram. Shared content is human A story connects, moves emotional fiber and gives a human face to your Instagram account. And even if you don't believe it, this is the main quality that must have a shared content, because it will allow people to hook up and even be reflected in the anecdote you're telling her through images, videos and even through the text that accompanies your posts. Shared content likes Google This means it is optimized, that is, it was intelligently designed to position it in search engines with the help of techniques like SEO. This makes the content more visible, increasing the chances for people to share it, because being in the top positions of search engines, it is considered good. In addition to this, optimized content is easy to understand and leaves a clear and straightforward message, allowing people to easily connect with it. Bottom line? Optimize your content and make it shared. Shared content is necessarily original This topic is of the utmost importance, as users and even the same platform penalizes content that is not 100% original. Therefore, when you create the image and text to post to your Instagram account, put your imagination into the air and make sure it doesn't look like another publication older than yours. Become the best friend of content marketing What does this mean? That you should study the topics, timetables and even the type of content that your followers liked most and with which there was more interaction, so that you strengthen and publish them more often, increasing the chances of capturing the audience from your niche market and that they are attracted to sharing with their followers the content you publish on Instagram. You have positive sharing content Good always triumphs over evil, and this not only happens in superhero movies, it is also so in the subject of content marketing. Using social media, especially Instagram makes people release endorphins, this is the hormone of happiness and pleasure, so it is wonderful to publish positive content because in the background it is content shared and desirable for all people who use Instagram. Shared content leaves a learning of value When we were little, we might not be the biggest school lovers, but it turns out that it is part of the human essence to want to learn new and valuable things every day. Life is a school! And social media too... So focus on providing news, curiosities, important data that gives your users a learning experience, so they can catalog the publication as valuable and end up sharing it in their community of followers. Take care of even the smallest detail of the aesthetic Instagram is an audiovisual application almost in its entirety. Photographs and videos are the main protagonists of this much used platform in the world, especially in Latin America, therefore it is fair and necessary to take care and ensure the aesthetic beauty of the images that there is publish. Imagine that this depends on a user stopping to appreciate and value your publication or simply passing unnoticed among the millions of posts that are uploaded daily to the application of the multicolored box. Take care of the colors, image quality, lighting and make sure your image or video is impeccable so you can surprise your followers and they feel motivated to share your work. But attention, the demands of the public are really high, so you have to do your best. Making shared content is an art that you can master by following the appropriate tips and seeking the help of a community manager or specialists in the area. Instagram waits for your success! So don't think about it anymore and start thinking, planning, and programming the content of your current social network profile.